August 26th 2021 – Canny Clever IT Service Centres become an Official MARVO Reseller.

Canny Clever IT Service Centres become an Official MARVO Reseller.

Canny Clever IT Service Centres Limited (Canny Clever) is a locally owned and operated disruptor in the Tech Retail and Business IT sector. Canny Clever have a primary offer of Business IT Services and Consumer Retail, which provides computers, laptops, gaining systems, components, and a range of smart home technology – as well as a custom fitted IT Service Centre to cater for even the most difficult issues and repairs, all backed with Canny Clever expertise!

The management team at Canny Clever are highly experienced in the IT sector, gaining years of experience problem solving and creating innovative solutions that help drive client’s businesses forward as well keeping our retail customers working effectively. In addition, our management team have experience of training our own staff to the highest standards, along with winning awards for their approach to apprenticeship training.

This last year has been one of the most challenging ever for all UK businesses, particularly independent retail businesses, most of which didn’t have the resources to deal with the effects of a nationwide lock-down or a sudden reduction in revenue. Business owners had to learn quickly, rapidly adapt their offering, then respond and listen to customer feedback, all with fewer staff, closed premises, and ongoing financial pressures.

The management team at Canny Clever decided on a pro-active approach, we couldn’t change what was happening, but we could adapt. Part of that adaptation was relocating to an area with an increased footfall, with ready access for our local retail customers, as well as providing a springboard for more planned growth.

As part of the planned expansion, Canny Clever have been looking for innovative supply partners and manufacturers that enhance it’s own offering.

We can announce today that Canny Clever IT Service Centres are now Official Resellers of MARVO.

Marvo’s Scorpion range prides itself in providing robust, effective and high-quality gaming products. From its keyboards and mice, to headsets and microphones, all have been designed with the enthusiastic beginner/ casual gamer in mind, helping them achieve their gaming goals without requiring a bottomless wallet to compete.

Marvo believes that, just because their products are designed for beginners, it doesn’t mean that they should look cheap or miss out the latest game-changing technologies. As a result, the Marvo Scorpion range comes with features such as mechanical switches, programmable buttons and RGB lighting, all at a fraction of the cost of other comparable brands.

With over 20 years’ experience, Marvo products are manufactured in its own factories, cutting costs that are often passed on to resellers and end users by brands that use third-party plants.

Which means resellers get the benefit of products they can be confident in at great distribution prices, with the added bonus of consistent, aggressive branding across the range. Heavily influenced by the gaming world and esports, Marvo Scorpion looks as great online as it does in-store.

You can buy any of the Marvo Scorpion range in-store at our Whitley Bay IT Service Centre or online at

Ken Mosley, Canny Clever IT Service Centres, said “This is a fantastic opportunity for us, as we steadily build our reputation for rock solid gaming machines, as well as our wider IT offering. The Marvo range represents fantastic vlaue for money, ensuring that more people can enjoy a quality gaming experience.”

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