We’re in the business of using technology to support business growth, prosperity, job creation and learning. Our fully integrated services for Hospitality and Leisure provide management insight into your customers habits, while enhancing the service they receive!

Imagine a Venue, Club, Restaurant or Hotel that offers full WiFi Coverage… That in itself is a great start, but by adding our analytics and integration to the system, you have access to real time customer usage and location data, giving valuable insight to customer habits and needs as well as accurate foot-fall counts and more!

Once integrated with your billing systems, services can be booked, purchased or ordered in real time, almost frictionless, with the minimum of staff and management intervention.

For the customer, it provides an almost frictionless experience, making it easy for them to use your Venue, Club, Restaurant or Hotel.

Recent projects include a popular North East Golf Club, after having difficulties with their internet connection, we were asked to look at any available options…

Within two weeks, we had new lines installed, new structured cabling installed throughout their premises, with a premises-wide WiFi Mesh… This was then integrated with their Membership System, allowing members to book greens, enter their scores and performance details directly, as well as the ability to order food and drinks from the onsite bar and restaurant, automatically charging their payment card.

Overall sales increased by 25%

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