Equipment Leasing

At Canny Clever, we know that a technology refresh can be expensive and time-consuming to organise. By working with one of our core suppliers, we can help remove those barriers.

Leasing has it’s advantages!

System life-cycle management – Technology undergoes constant change and advancement. Our lease rental agreements can eliminate or reduce equipment disposal issues while allowing scheduled, regular upgrades and replacements.

One repayment – Your entire solution can be consolidated into one easy regular repayment.

Minimal initial outlay – No large deposit is required and regular repayments are made via direct debit throughout the life of the agreement.

Fixed payment for simple, planned budgeting – Payments made throughout the rental period are not affected by interest rates and avoid the impact of inflation.

Reduce tax bills – All the lease rentals paid in any year can be fully offset against taxable profits for that year.

Preserve working capital – Paying this way allows preservation of valuable credit lines (such as loans from banks and other finance sources) and capital resources that are usually best devoted to business development and other operational needs.

Flexibility for technology refresh – Any additions and enhancements you may choose to make to the system, or the way it is supported, during the rental period can be factored in throughout the life of the agreement.

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