Cleaning Your Keyboard and Mouse!

• First of all, disconnect the keyboard from your computer or separate the batteries for those using a wireless keyboard.
• Then turn it upside down and give it a few shakes (unless it’s a laptop, in which case, simply shut it down and remove the battery if you can).
• Run a keyboard vacuum to remove crumbs, dirt and other things found between your keys. Do not use the regular vacuum, which is far stronger. You might find your keys in the dust bin if you do. If you have no keyboard vacuum, you can make do with the hair drier! Set it to cool air only and use it to blow the dirt away in between the keys.
• With a lightly damped cloth, wipe all the keys, including the palm rest. Then with a dry cloth, wipe the keys dry.
• However, to sanitise the keyboard, use sanitised wipes first. Squeeze out excess liquid from overly damped wipes then wipe the keys. After which, wipe it with the lightly damped cloth then dry the keyboard with a clean dry cloth.
• To cleanse and sanitise your mouse, you have to remove the device from the computer or remove the batteries for those using a wireless mouse. With the use of a sanitised wipes, clean the mouse thoroughly by scrubbing the grime out. Remember to squeeze out excess liquid from the wipes before using them on the mouse.
• Then wipe it with a lightly damp clean cloth and dry with a dry sterile cloth.
• To cleanse the scroll on the mouse, just flip it upside down and roll the scroll wheel on the sanitised wipes. To the same on a lightly damped cloth and a clean dry cloth.
• It is advised that you be careful when cleaning your keyboard and mouse. Do not spray anything on it or allow any liquid to enter any opening. Any moisture that might find its way inside the circuits of your device can cause it to short circuit the wiring.

Cleaning your Touch Screen Device

If you are using a touch screen device (phone, tablet, EPOS System, computer etc), a damp cloth/sanitised wipe will suffice, followed by a clean dry cloth. NEVER USE PAPER BASED PRODUCTS as they can scratch the device surface over time.