Pioneer DDJ-400 Rekordbox Controller


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The Pioneer DDJ-400 is a compact, entry level DJ controller configured just like a Pro DJ setup.

Key Features:

  • 2 channel controller with built in soundcard
  • Includes RekordBox DJ
  • Club style layout
  • Familiar CDJ and DJM sections

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3 in stock

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The Pioneer DDJ-400 is the most popular entry level DJ system we sell here at Canny Clever. It’s easy to see why the DDJ-400 is so popular, it’s a hardware unlock device for Rekordbox 6, features a simple and intuitive layout – which is similar to the industry standard CDJ and DJM ranges – and it’s small enough to be portable without sacrificing functionality.

Pioneer DJ are pitching the DDJ-400 directly at beginners. Connect the device to your Mac or PC, open up Rekordbox and you’ll be greeted with a tutorial that allows you to learn the basics quickly. If you get stuck on something there’s no need to panic, the software will allow you to replay the tutorial video until you’ve got it nailed.

The industry standard layout ensures a smooth transition to the professional Pioneer DJ gear found throughout clubland. The design team at PDJ spent a considerable amount of time creating the mini CDJ and DJM layout to minimise friction when moving up through the DDJ range and onto the larger club separates. With careful placement of buttons, knobs and faders – the DDJ-400 is the perfect controller to get you ready for the booth.

When you’re ready to move beyond the basics and define your sound, the DDJ-400 is also ready. With professional beat FX – lifted from the industry standard DJM range – you’ll be creating exciting transitions between tracks with ease. In addition, the vinyl mode, pad FX and sampler functions all expand the creative horizon for beginners with features usually only found on pro kit.

Offering simple plug and play connectivity and setup, as well as the exclusive PC master out function – which allows you to monitor the output of your mix through your laptop speakers – the Pioneer DDJ-400 offers clear audio form the on-board audio interface. If you’d prefer to use your iOS device and stream tracks from a number of platforms including Tidal, Beatport Link, Beatsource Link and Soundcloud Go – the controller is fully compatible with DJay Pro from Algoriddim.

The main features of the Pioneer DDJ-400 include:

  • Master the basics with Rekordbox tutorial mode
  • Club style layout and operation
  • Professional beat FX
  • PC master out – monitor your mix through your laptop
  • Simple setup – plug and play connectivity

Please note, the DDJ-400 is compatible with standard headphones which use a 3.5mm TRS jack, if your headphones feature a built-in microphone they most likely have a TRRS connector which will not work with this controller.

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