Canny Clever Bank on I.T. in Whitley Bay!

2nd April 2024

Canny Clever are excited to announce that our retail store in Whitley Bay will be moving to larger and more accessible premises in the coming months.

Whitley Bay is regularly named as ‘one of the best places to live in the UK’, partly because the independent retailers on Park View and in the wider Town Centre are always quick to adapt to change. With an increasingly diverse range of independent places to shop, eat and drink, Whitley Bay is a fantastic place to visit and trade. Canny Clever see the investment as a great vote of confidence in the town’s future.

Recent bank closures, while unsettling, have created a new and rare opportunity for Canny Clever, who have traded from ever-popular Park View for three years! The acquisition of the entire former HSBC property on Whitley Road has presented a unique opportunity for Canny Clever to adapt to the ever-changing retail sector in a way that meets future needs, while controlling overheads.

Canny Clever are well known in the I.T. industry as innovators and are quick to adapt to changes in circumstances. This development comes at a time when Canny Clever have again been nominated for more awards from the Tech for Tech’s industry group.

As a result of changes in the retail sector and customer buying habits, Canny Clever are now able to launch a new store which combines traditional retail with an event-led strategy. The focus being on providing a high-end showroom experience and small business I.T. centre, while also providing a high spec event space with a full AV solution, to assist in the launch of new technology-related products and services.

The event and product launch space will comprise of showroom space as well as the former bank vault, which is being repurposed to provide a unique and eye-catching product exhibition or launch experience for customers, and others world-wide using a full broadcast quality AV Solution which includes full DMX controlled lighting, BOSE sound systems and full hospitality for invited guests. Efforts are also being made to ensure the new premises are dementia friendly. It is expected that the new showroom will attract visitors from outside the area, who will then be encouraged to visit other local independent retailers.

So far, three international manufacturer brands have signed up for launch events as they vie for business in the UK. Canny Clever is uniquely placed to help in the launch of these products, with details being announced shortly. All three manufacturers have praised the innovation and commitment to retail space, in their view, independent retail always has a place in the I.T industry.

Discussions are underway with another seven international brands and other industry distributors for launch events later in 2024.

The fit out of the new event led store is due to start in the next month, with a provisional opening date in the second week of June 2024.

Canny Clever’s current Park View premises are currently listed with a leading commercial estate agent, who is reporting significant interest already, despite only being listed for less than a week. There is plenty of interest from other businesses keen to take advantage of such a prominent spot.

Philip Griffiths, Co-Founder and Director, Tech For Techs Group LTD – Trade Organisation, Said “Seeing a local business like Canny Clever expanding and innovating in Whitley Bay is truly inspiring. Over the last few years, businesses across the board have faced numerous challenges, making it difficult for many to survive, let alone thrive.

Canny Clever’s move to a larger and more accessible location, formerly occupied by HSBC, is not just a testament to their resilience and adaptability but also highlights the evolving nature of retail and customer engagement in the tech industry.

Their approach, blending traditional retail with event-led strategies, showcases a forward-thinking mindset that aligns perfectly with the current retail landscape, which increasingly values experiences alongside products. This initiative is particularly noteworthy as it not only promises to bring a unique shopping experience to Whitley Bay but also supports the local economy by attracting visitors to the area, thereby benefiting other independent retailers.

It’s heartening to see Canny Clever receiving recognition and support from international brands, which underscores the importance of independent retail in the global tech industry. Their success story serves as an inspiring example for businesses everywhere, demonstrating the significant impact of innovation, community engagement, and the strategic use of space. We are excited to see Canny Clever’s growth and are proud to support their journey as they help customers ‘Bank on I.T.’ in Whitley Bay.”